Why choose us

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Financial Restructuring Advice

Financial Restructuring Advice includes:

  • Creditor Advisory

  • Independent Business Review

  • Company Business Review

  • Advisory services to business rescue related matters

Turnaround and Chief Restructuring Operational services

Turnaround and Chief Restructuring Operational services includes:

  • Crisis Management and CRO Services

  • Cost Reduction and Managed Exit

  • Turn around strategies: development and implementation

  • Corporate Simplification

Our Main Aim

Our primary goals are to:

  • Help financially distressed companies

  • Find the best possible solution

  • Consider the rights of the stakeholders

  • Consider the interests if all the stakeholders

  • All the above done in a balanced manner

We have been involved on assignments in the following industries during the past three years:







Since the promulgation of Business Rescue we have been involved in more than 50 Business Rescue assignments with a combined value in excess of R8billion. Two of these assignments were listed companies. We have a more than 90% success rate that can be attributed to our very strict vetting procedures. We have been able to help save many financially distressed businesses utilising restructuring and business rescue strategies, guiding these businesses through their financial crises with understanding, professionalism and integrity.